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Wind, Talk To Me

Stefan Djordjević



Stefan accidentally hits a dog on the road while driving to his grandmother’s eightieth birthday. He re-establishes his relations with the members of his family, whom he hasn’t seen since his mother’s death. His grandpa Buda insists on renewing the camping trailer at the lake where Neca, Stefan’s mother, spent the last couple of months of her life. During the birthday celebration, Stefan is troubled by thoughts of the dog he had hurt.

Overwhelmed by the feeling of guilt, together with his nephew Đole Stefan tries to find the dog in the woods. On their way to the lake, Stefan saves the dog and takes it with him. A year earlier, Stefan films his mother Neca, who is battling cancer at the time. She lives in a camping trailer at the hometown lake and communicates with nature. Neca and Stefan have different understandings of the approach to filming.

Stefan and Đole take care of the dog, Lija (Foxy), while tidying the neglected camp complex where Neca used to live. Djole expresses a repressed fear of death and connection to a pillow he calls by Neca’s name. The rest of the family joins them and meets Lija, with whom Grandpa Buda immediately creates a bond. During the renovation of the camp site, Stefan and his brother Boško find Neca’s diaries in the trailer, which Lija later eats and runs away. The search for Lija grows into a mixture of feelings which bring Stefan to a crash.

Neca talks to Stefan about the power of the wind, which he does not understand.


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