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Mami Wata

C.J. Obasi



In Iyi village, villagers worship the mermaid deity MAMI WATA and turn to their healer MAMA EFE, the intermediary between them and Mami Wata, as well as Mama Efe's daughter, ZINWE, and her protégé, PRISCA. When their children begin to die and disappear, JABI, a local resident, casts doubt on the population, while Zinwe flees, driven by her own anguish. Soon, the arrival of a rebellious warlord, JASPER, tips the scales in Jabi's favor. Mama Efe is murdered and with the village under new control, Prisca and Zinwe must plot to save their people and restore Mami Wata's glory to Iyi.


CHF 20'000 for postproduction fiction

Festivals and Awards

Sundance 2023, World Cinema

Fespaco 2023: African Critics Award, Cinematography Award, Production Design Award

World Sales

Distribution Switzerland


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