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In the Shadow of the Horns

Glavonic Ognjen



VUK (18) lives in a small village in Serbia. Him and his best friend IGOR (18) are focused on recording an album with their black metal band. They spend the last days of summer at the village fair. Vuk spots a new mysterious neighbour, MITAR (70), but doesn't find it strange, as many people are coming to the amusement park and the small circus. Vuk is in love with KRISTINA (16), whose brother has been bullying Vuk and his friends for years. The kids get drunk and release an elephant from its cage. The next day, the local police officer threatens the kids as their deeds are attracting the press.Autumn. DJURICA (44), a cattle breeder, goes from house to house with his boar. Vuk fails in his plans with Kristina. He and Igor spend time rehearsing. Manijak, the drummer, behaves strangely and one day is found dead in his home. Vuk and Igor have a fight. Igor gets beaten by the bullies in front of the church. Nobody has seen Djurica for a while.Winter. Everything is covered in snow. Vuk wants to continue with the band, but Igor has lost interest. One day they notice an unknown car in the village. Igor goes to Djurica’s house, and calls his name. Nobody answers.Spring. The bullies attack the kids again, but this time they fight back. Vuk is feeling empowered but, as they are interrogated by the police, Igor gets beaten. At the studio, Igor sabotages the band’s recording. Vuk realizes that he is secretly playing commercial music in another band. When Vuk confronts him, Igor says he needs the money.The end of school is near. Vuk finishes the album by himself, and gives the first copy to Igor. Igor gets emotional listening to it. In the morning, a police action takes place: the mysterious man, Mitar, is arrested. Djurica’s body is found in the yard of the house where the man was hiding. Djurica’s boar runs away as a helicopter is landing in the village.


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