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Crystal of Happiness

Emre Yeksan



You lose your father just once and this never happens again. But as the years go by, the time repeats itself and your memories overlap.40 year old Ethem remembers his past but we never see him as he is in the present. Actually the whole film is a recollection of the memories from his childhood and early youth. He lived in the 90’s İzmir with his father Melih, his mother Zeynep and his little brother Suphi. He was a boy with strong senses, with an appetite for learning and knowing his environment. He was kind to his beloved ones and has a special connection with all beings. He was friends with his brother, a hedgehog, the mountains and the sea. Moments from three distinct periods of his life are told in an elliptic, non-chronological manner: when he was 7, 13 and 17.We follow the change in his character, and the paths he took to grow up and become an adult.All these moments, these fleeting fragments of memory condense into two events:When he is 17, he runs away from home and spends a night out. This is when he learns to love his burden.And when he is 11 his father dies. This is when he has to grasp his own life firmly.Because in the end, you lose your father just once. But, it is for a lifetime.


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