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Todo Lo Sólido

Luis Gutiérrez Arias & Zaina Bseiso



Todo Lo Sólido merges documentary and fantasy to tell the story of an island sinking into the Caribbean Sea. Searching for answers to make sense of the imminent storm, a nameless  rifter visits a spiritist. After summoning the drifter’s ancestors, the spiritist confirms the sinking of the island. Traveling around present-day Cuba, the drifter will begin a journey in search for the causes behind the potential disappearance of his homeland. The drifter’s voice is simultaneously the voice of the filmmaker merging diaristic and fictionalized points of view. During his journey, he encounters five characters:a historian, a fisherman, a farmer, a tourist and a contractor. Through each encounter we explore major Cuban economic development projects, starting with the early land reforms of the revolution to present-day industrial tourism. The documentary portraits reflect on the impact the projects had on the island by recounting the personal stories of those who took part in them.


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