Results of the 20th session

During its 20th session the experts of the Swiss fund visions sud est have decided to support five new projects.

Since its creation in spring 2005 the fund visions sud est has supported 113 projects from different parts of the globe. 81 of these films have been accomplished and many have been invited to numerous festivals around the world, some being awarded with prizes such as the Golden Bear in Berlin, the Golden Conch in San Sebastian, the Black Pearl Award in Abu Dhabi or the Golden Kapok Award in Guangzhou. From Cannes to Venice, from Busan to Toronto, visions sud est's logo has been seen everywhere. More than half of the accomplished films have already been distributed and released in Swiss cinemas thanks to the trigon-film foundation. In collaboration with Open Doors at the Festival del Film Locarno and with the Focus at Visions du Réel Nyon, additional projects are elected and supported. Apart from supporting the production of these projects, it is visions sud est's goal to enhance the development of  local production structures and to offer film directors a possibility to intrude into the international film market. The fund visions sud est is a joint initiative by the trigon-film foundation, the festivals of Fribourg, Locarno and Nyon and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). At its last session visions sud est has decided to support three fictional films in production and two documentaries in postproduction, with a total of 170'000 Swiss francs:

Another Year

Shadow Girl

Beauty and the Dogs

Extraño pero verdadero